We are the
equity avengers

The Equity Avengers are Dr. Keith Curry, President/CEO of Compton College, Dr. Tammeil Gilkerson, Chancellor of Peralta Community College District and Dr. Pamela Luster, President Emerita, San Diego Mesa College.


The Equity Avengers have made it their mission to lead the charge for a more equitable higher education landscape, increasing access for those historically marginalized by academia. 

The Equity Avengers host the popular #EquityChat on Wednesday evenings on X platform (formerly known as Twitter) and are regularly invited to speak at state and national conferences to share their vision. The College Futures Foundation has generously supported the Equity Avengers’ mission through a grant, allowing them to support and develop leaders who act and drive large-scale change toward achieving racial equity in higher education nationwide.

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Our Partners

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Affordability, Food & Housing Access Taskforce (CCLC)

Alliance for Black Learner Excellence

Believe in Students

Wheelhouse Center for Community College Leadership and Research


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