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Championing Change: Black Student Success Week with the Equity Avengers

The Equity Avengers are proud to announce our partnership and support for the upcoming Black Student Success Week (April 24-28, 2023) across the California Community College system. As champions of equity and inclusion, we recognize the importance of working together with California Community Colleges to achieve the Vision for Success and California Community College Roadmap, striving to close racial and regional equity gaps.

With the fifth largest Black population in the United States, California is home to a majority of Black undergraduates attending community colleges. Regrettably, the state has systematically underinvested in their educational journeys, exacerbating economic disparities and reinforcing a permanent underclass. In response, The Campaign for College Opportunity released the Follow the Money Report in 2021, highlighting the inequitable funding for Black students within California’s higher education systems. Our continued recommendation is that California must prioritize equitable funding, explicitly focusing on closing racial equity gaps in lower-division courses. Investing in Black student success is vital for our communities and economy.

Established in 2020, the Black Student Success Week Coalition addresses the urgent need for state leaders to support Black students and serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders committed to advancing Black student success. The coalition, born from the collective vision of the African American Male Education Network (A2MEND) and Umoja Community statewide summits, unites campus and system leaders, faculty, students, and advocates working to provide the necessary tools for Black students to achieve their college aspirations.

Drawing on the invaluable knowledge, research, and lived experiences of Black students, faculty, and leaders, we are confident that targeted legislative and budget opportunities will ensure that colleges and universities across California have the resources and guidance needed to effectively support Black students in realizing their college dreams.

The Equity Avengers are honored to partner with and support this crucial initiative as we continue our mission to create a more equitable, inclusive, and successful educational landscape for all.

Please download and use this Zoom background during Black Student Success Week to demonstrate your support and encourage others to join. Register for #theBLACKHour, the practitioner-focused webinars, throughout Black Student Success Week or for #theSTUDENTHour, which will provide students of color strategies to support their academic pursuits. Sign up now.

Please download and use this Zoom background during Black Student Success Week to demonstrate your support of this critical initiative.

Download a policy one-pager here.