Scholarship America’s Abigail Seldin, Chief Growth Officer, next featured guest on #EquityChat on Wednesday, February 28, 2024

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (February 28, 2024) – Scholarship America’s Abigail Seldin will join the Equity Avengers as their featured guest on #EquityChat on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

Seldin joined Scholarship America in December 2023 in the role of Chief Growth Officer, leading the marketing, development and partner solutions departments. Scholarship America’s mission is to eliminate barriers to educational success so that any student can pursue their dream. The organization works directly with students, parents, colleges, businesses and communities to help students fulfill their college dreams. Since its founding in 1958, Scholarship America has distributed $5.1 billion to three million students and counting.

A Rhodes Scholar and experienced executive, Seldin co-founded and led two technology-driven startups from inception to acquisition. In 2012, Seldin co-founded College Abacus, an edtech company that integrated the financial aid calculators for more than 4,000 institutions, and led its 2014 acquisition by ECMC Group, one of the nation’s largest student finance organizations. In 2022, Seldin co-founded the Civic Mapping Initiative, a national research center that identified more than 5,000 last-mile transit expansion opportunities to support workforce development; it was acquired by the National League of Cities in November 2023. Seldin’s track record includes building corporate partnerships, industry coalitions and philanthropic initiatives to support access to higher education.


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About the Equity Avengers

The Equity Avengers are community college presidents Dr. Keith Curry, of Compton College and Dr. Tammeil Gilkerson, of Evergreen Valley College, and President Emerita Dr. Pamela Luster of San Diego Mesa College. The Equity Avengers have made it their mission to lead the charge for a more equitable higher education landscape, increasing access for those historically marginalized by academia.

The Equity Avengers host the popular #EquityChat on Wednesday evenings on Twitter and are regularly invited to speak at state and national conferences to share their vision. The College Futures Foundation has generously supported the Equity Avengers’ mission through a grant, allowing them to support and develop leaders who act and drive large-scale change toward achieving racial equity in higher education nationwide.